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Black-Owned Business Map

Tri-Fold Map & UI experience; research, user interface, speculative

In the 1930s, Black Bottom and Paradise Valley were thriving black neighborhoods in Detroit. Between 1953 - 1967 “urban renewal” razed through these neighborhoods and destroyed lives and businesses.

This speculative project features a physical tri-fold that provides a list of different types of businesses and a user interface that provides access to historical information. By recognizing a certain emblem on businesses, the shopper would ideally be able to access information about businesses owned by black residents in the 1930s.

Black Bottom Research

The first step was researching the history of Black Bottom. The designer’s goal was to track the movement of the residents after Black Bottom was erased. There were multiple housing projects that were created but ultimately failed. Most businesses from Black Bottom didn’t survive the move so this inspired the designer to highlight current black businesses.

Questions & Briefs

The next step for the designer was to find examples of projects she was interested in and aligned with her own goals. After gaining inspiration from these projects, she started developing a brief and potential outcomes. Ultimately, she decided to make a print map and a user interface to go with it. 

Mood Board & Ideation

She began gathering images into a mood board that inspired the type, graphic assets and colors. She began sketching and after a couple critiques she was able to come to a final product.