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Get it by Thama - Short Lyric Video

short lyric video; motion, after effects, composition

This is one of Kristin’s favorite songs by this artist so she decided to use her motion skills to create a short lyric video for mobile. She wants to continue exploring design in the music world and wanted to learn more and improve her motion design skills. See process below.



Obviously the first steps included decided what part of the song she wanted to animate too and then figuring out the details of what she wants it to look like. After deciding colors and pulling small elements from the album cover, she started storyboarding.

Into After Effects

Once the storyboards and notes were completed, she moved onto animating in after effects. She saved assets in illustrator to use in AE and organized her files into folders. She animated each storyboard in the main comp. When she got the timing down and it was at a satisfactory point, she grouped it into a pre-comp. She initially had the composition animating at 30 frames per second but wanted it to look a little more vintage/retro so she changed it to 12 frames per second which gave it more personality.

Early Versions︎︎︎