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Honda Sponsored Project

experience design; cross-functional/collaborative, UX/UI, research

Autonomous cars are coming soon and with this comes new alert systems and features. The designers' (Jessica Rothwell, Morgan Lashbrook and Kristin Davis) goals were to create an alert system/experience and work with engineers at Honda to refine it.

The potential user would be a 70 year old driver in a level 2-3 autonomous car. Through primary and secondary research and the help of Honda engineers, the designers were able to create an experience catered to an older audience.

Step 1: Alert Systems & AV Features

This whole project was all about the process and prototyping. The group started off with labeling current safety systems within cars and recognizing other general safety systems in society today. This was meant to get them to start thinking about the potential systems they could utilize in their solution.

Step 2︎︎︎

Interviews, Secondary Research & Persona Making
After recognizing these systems, they began their secondary and primary research. The group set goals for what they wanted to gain out of their research which helped keep them focused. After this they began to list out the pain points of the user and created two personas that featured different difficulties and characteristics of the audience.

Step 3: 
Mapping the Interior

They went back to labeling safety systems within a level 2-3 autonomous vehicle and recognized which senses the systems engaged.

Step 5: Brainstorming

The next step was to start brainstorming and thinking of solutions that would engage multiple senses but wouldn’t overwhelm the user.

Step 6: 
Think Wrong

They took their ideas and created scenarios on how they would work. The team then combined what worked and took out what didn’t.

Step 7: 

The group then started prototyping a combination of their ideas and continuously refined it based on the Honda team's feedback. The team presented their work and achieved the 2nd place prize.

Step 8: