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Love Language Guide

publication as an experience; publication design, experience design, conceptualization

The five love languages were created to help people learn how they show and receive affection.

Kristin’s goal was to create a publication that allowed the reader to discover how they love and how they want to be loved. Utilizing type and image, multiple channels of communication are provided to display the different love languages.


The designer first started thinking of ideas that could be experiential. She thought of 3 different ideas but during a critique she decided to combine all 3 into one. This one idea became a love language guide that engaged the human senses and helped others decipher their own love language.

Mood Board + Research

She continued the process by researching the history of love and how it’s expressed in different cultures. Then she began to cultivate a mood board that displayed what she wanted her piece to look like. She decided that the primary text would be lines from various poems that spoke to each love language and that the secondary text would be lyrics from songs that did the same thing. She also made some decisions about what the kit would consist of such as a belly band, stickers and more.


After doing all of this, she began the collection of poems and song lyrics and began sketching. Within her sketching, she decided on a color palette, a grid and a general layout. She also decided that her voice would be represented in the stickers that would come with the guide. She wanted to represent the longevity of love, so she decided to use pictures of couples from different times. She also made sure to use pictures of different types of couples such as interacial couples, gay couples, etc. After a few iterations and critiques, she landed on her initial final design but after having time to rethink some initial choices she decided to touch it up to what it is now.