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Marvelous Milk Emporium

brand identity; research, concept development, packaging design

826 National is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young students improve their creative writing skills at multiple locations across the US.

Kristin was challenged with creating her own 826 store front based in Jackson, Mississippi. The Marvelous Milk Emporium aligns with 826 National’s mission and is based on the specific needs of the town such as low high school graduation rates, a need for a kid-friendly safe space and more.

Initial Research

At the start of the project, Kristin was assigned Jackson, Mississippi as the town she was going to research. This would also be the town where her theoretical 826 store would be located. She worked with another designer to gain information about the town. She looked into what makes it special, what do residents struggle with and what have residents done to help solve those struggles. Some key facts she found were about the high rate of teenage pregnancies, the low graduation rates and that milk was the state's designated beverage. All of these things began to develop into her concept.

Concept Development

As kids, we are told to drink milk to grow up big and strong and based on this saying Kristin began to build out her concept. She wanted to create an 826 store that would allow kids to have an outlet to be creative and grow their writing skills. She also thought since kids don’t have many outlets in Jackson, this could be a safe, fun spot for them to spend their time. She fleshed out potential products and how she wanted the store to be seen.

Mood/Language Board & Sketching

Then she began collecting images and language/phrases. Based off the collection, she began to sketch out different ideas relating to her store theme. She kept refining her sketches and eventually it became a brand system. She ended the project by creating multiple products, business cards and other elements.