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University of West Georgia-Define You

social media campaign; system, iterations, campaign

Athletes are commonly known for their sport rather than what inspires them outside of that. Individuality is more important than ever, especially for these four student athletes.

This is the second year the University of West Georgia highlighted 4 athletes and what they do outside of their sport. Define You is meant to give an inside look to how these athletes spend their time outside of practice.

Kristin was tasked with designing 2023’s instagram stories and posts for the campaign. She took elements from past years posts and stories, and created something new that still fit within the system. Her goal was to keep it consistent but draw in more engagement.

A look back

Since this isn’t a new campaign, Kristin was took on the challenge of creating something new but that was also consistent with the previous year. So she took a minute to go through last years designs. She was allowed to use elements from these designs and was also given the color palette from the university’s brand guidelines.

First drafts

After sorting through pictures of the athletes provided by Aliado, she began designing and receiving critique from the creative director at Aliado. Her goal was to push the limits to make the campaign feel fresh but cohesive. She started with one athlete to get a good base and then continued to the others.

More designing

She continued designing and talking with the creative director about her design choices. She eventually reached a point where the designs were ready to be finalized. With the help of another designer from Aliado, she packaged the designs for them to be sent to UWG.